The husband and toddler are in bed… peace at last! As I sit here nursing the new addition to our family, baby Axel (total cutie!), I can’t help but think about how my life has evolved throughout the past five years. ‘Why five years?’ I hear you ask… Well in two days it’ll be our five year wedding anniversary! Where on Earth has all that time gone? I thought I’d mark our half-decade anniversary by reflecting on the things in my life I am most grateful for, and maybe some advice I would give my twenty-six year old self.

Firstly, I am most grateful for my two beautiful boys and to my gorgeous husband for helping create them! I have never known love like it… nothing compares to the all-encompassing love and adoration I have for my little family and I can’t wait to see where the next five years takes us. They make me even more passionate about turning my photography into a full time career so I can spend more quality time with them. They also make fantastic models!

I am also so grateful to the couples and families who have already allowed me to be a part of their lives in some way. Whether that be shooting their weddings, events, their children and even their pets! I love meeting people and capturing the love they have for one another. Being able to say that I do this for a job is an absolute privilege and a responsibility I don’t take lightly! Five years ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would be where I am today!

Advice I would give to my twenty-six year old, excited, giddy and optimistic self, two days away from marrying the man of my dreams is to trust your instincts, follow your dreams, and don’t take any nonsense! Getting married is such a huge step in a relationship and life, and it is important to remember who the day is all about. It’s easy to get blindsided by the drama of the day, but no matter what happens, everything tends to work out for the best.. and it did!

We had an absolutely beautiful wedding day. Michael pretty much let me have full say on what our wedding would look like, so obviously we went with a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme – Topsy Turvy Mad Hatter cake, giant teacup centrepieces complete with playing cards (made by my maid of honour), ‘drink me’ ornate glass bottle favours and lots of other little touches to make the day extra special! I love looking back through our wedding album and remembering what an amazing day we had. The photography is such an important part of the day – after the cake has been demolished, the flowers have died, and the dress is securely stashed in the attic, the one thing you’re left with are those photographic memories. As much as I loved everything about our day, I can’t help but wish we had looked into the photography side a little more – something we would definitely have done now, knowing what I now know about photographing a wedding. I think this is one of things that motivates me to be extra creative and exciting when a couple trusts me with the photography for their day. I’ll go into more detail about my ideas for an amazing day in a later blog, let’s get back to the case in point!

I am at a point in my life where I feel like everything is falling into place. Don’t get me wrong, being a mum of two is the single most exhausting and crazy job I have ever had the absolute pleasure of doing. I spend every day second guessing every decision I have to make and then feeling guilty that I’ve probably made the wrong decision – but I guess that’s all just part of the joys of motherhood and married life! Every choice I make and every thought I have is about doing what is best for my family and I love that my photography is a part of it. I’m looking forward to shooting my first wedding since having Axel on Saturday – my freezer is fully stocked with milk and my pumps are charged and ready to go! (That’s not some weird euphemism by the way.. just trying not to make things awkward by mentioning the words ‘breast pump’.. oops..)

In another five years the boys will be eight and five, and I will be mid-thirties! As long as my family continue to be happy and have even an inkling of how much they are loved, I know I will have succeeded. If my photography has gained even more momentum and I am able to turn my passion into my full time job, I couldn’t ask for more. Every day is physically and emotionally exhausting (some days less than others). I know it will take even more hard work and sweat to get to where I want to be, but it’s an amazing journey to be on and every day is an absolute blessing.

Michael – thank you for an amazing five years and our two beautiful, funny, cheeky little boys. I can’t wait to see what adventures the next five years will bring!

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